Treasurer FAQ's

Yes, payments may be made at any time in any amount, but the full amount must be paid by the due date to avoid penalties on the unpaid balance.

Deductions are filed in the Auditor’s Office.  Please visit the Warrick County Auditor’s website for deduction information at Filings for Deductions in Property Tax or the Department of Local Government Finance’s website at DLGF Deductions, Property Tax.  You may also contact the Auditor’s Office at 812-897-6110.  

Yes, a payment is considered “on time” if the envelope is postmarked on or before the tax due date.  Please be aware of postal holidays and deadlines and specific procedures when mailing your property tax bill.  The postmark printed on the envelope is used when determining the timeliness of your payment. Only postmarked mail from USPS or overnight carriers such as UPS and Federal Express are accepted. 

No, we do not charge to reprint a tax bill at this time if you come to the office in person.  However, you may print your tax statement online from Warrick County Property Tax Search, searching for your property, and clicking the Print icon.

Based on the January 1st ownership year, taxes are due and payable the following year in two installments.  Tax bills are mailed once a year:  Both the 1st and 2nd installment stubs are included.  Due dates are noted on each installment statement.  However, if the total taxes for the year are less than $25.00, the entire amount is due in the Spring. Taxes unpaid by the due date are subject to penalty. 

We offer many convenient ways to pay:

·         Pay online at Warrick County Property Tax Search.   Please have the duplicate number available, which is noted on your tax statement.  A 2.5% ($1.50 minimum) processing fee is charged.  A flat fee of $1.50 is charged for eChecks, and Visa Debit cards have a flat fee of $3.50.

·         By phone at 877-690-3729, jurisdiction code #2407.  Please have your duplicate number available, which is noted on your tax statement.  Credit card and eCheck fees are as noted above.

·         Visit a local bank!  Local banks that accept tax payments, with the appropriate coupon and payment, starting forty days before the due date but not after the due date:

o   Old National Bank, Boonville and Newburgh locations

o   Peoples Bank, Boonville and Newburgh locations

o   Lynnville National Bank (LNB), Boonville, Chandler, Lynnville, and Newburgh locations

o   United Fidelity Bank, Newburgh

·         Pay by mail

o   Send on-time payments to:

Warrick County Treasurer

PO Box 3445

Evansville, IN  47733

o   Send late payments directly to our office:

     Warrick County Treasurer                                            

     One County Square                                                      

     Ste. 270                                                      

     Boonville, IN 47601                                                      

·         If you have additional questions or need assistance in person, please call or visit our office.  See our contact information (link to answer about “How do I contact the Treasurer?”) listed above.


                By Phone:            812-897-6166

                By Fax:                  812-897-6167

                By E-Mail:            [email protected]

                In Person:            Warrick County Judicial Center

                                              One County Square, Suite 270

                                              Boonville, IN  47601

                Office Hours:      Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., excluding holidays

If you are paying by mail, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your payment to:

Warrick County Treasurer

One County Square, Suite 270

Boonville, IN 47601

We will mail a receipt back to you. 

Visit our homepage Warrick County Property Tax Search and search for your taxes by your name, property address, duplicate number, or parcel number.  This site updates nightly.  You may also contact our office during business hours (Monday-Friday, 8-4 p.m.), and we can verify your payment.  Please have your duplicate number available when you call.

Your assessed value is multiplied by the tax rate.  The tax rate is the total rate of the combined taxing units (County, Township, City or Town, Library, etc.) within each taxing district.  The tax rate is expressed in dollars per hundred dollar of assessed value.  This amount is reduced by state and county credits and by any deductions you may have.  You can find valuable information concerning deductions by visiting the Auditor’s website at Warrick County Auditor or contact their office by phone at 812-897-6110.

To change your mailing address, please email the Treasurer’s Office at [email protected] or call (812) 897-6166, or by filling out the backside of your tax statement and returning by mail to our office located at:

Warrick County Treasurer

One County Square, Suite 270

Boonville, IN, 47601.

The name on a real estate tax bill is the name of the deed holder.  Please contact the Auditor’s Office to learn about the legal steps you must follow to change the deed.  For changes of the name on personal property or business, please contact the Assessor’s Office at 812-897-6125.  Please note, personal or business property located in Ohio Township should contact the Ohio Township Assessor’s Office at 812-853-2409.

Please contact our office at 812-897-6166 to verify your mailing address. You may also print your tax bill at Warrick County Property Tax Search.  Please note, failure to receive a tax statement in the mail does not excuse you from late-payment penalties. 

If you believe you have overpaid your taxes, please contact our office at 812-897-6166 to verify the overpayment.  Approximately 30-45 days after the tax due date, you will receive a letter via USPS from the Warrick County Auditor stating you have a surplus.  You will have the option to receive the surplus back via check or to apply it toward your upcoming taxes.  Please note, if you have a surplus on one piece of property or parcel of land and you are delinquent on another, the surplus will be applied to the delinquent property taxes.

Please contact the Auditor’s Office at 812-897-6110 or visit Warrick County Auditor to assist you with available deductions and credits for qualifying taxpayers.  If you feel your assessed value is too high, please visit the County Assessor’s website at Warrick County Assessor or call their office at 812-897-6125. 

If you have no other delinquencies, the State of Indiana allows a 5% penalty of the unpaid balance for the first 30 days.  If you have other delinquencies or there is an unpaid balance after 30 days, the penalty increases to 10%.

You must bring the original title to our office to obtain a transfer or moving permit.  If obtaining a moving permit, you will need to provide the new location address.  We also need the name of the current mobile home owner to verify the taxes are paid.  To obtain a title transfer, all the current taxes must be paid.  If it is after the January 15th assessment date, you must pay an estimated tax for the next year.  To obtain a moving permit, you must have the full year’s taxes paid.  If it is after the January 15th assessment date, you must pay an estimated tax for next year.

Real Estate Property becomes eligible for Tax Sale when it is behind three or more installments of property taxes.  Tax Sale notices are sent out approximately in July and are published in the local newspaper in August.  The taxpayer will have until the day prior to the sale to pay the back taxes.  If a property does sell at a Tax Sale, it can still be redeemed during the first 12 months after the Tax Sale; however, additional tax sale fees and daily accruing interest will apply.

Bills are generally mailed at the beginning of April.

Due dates can vary from year to year.  May 10th and November 10th are the guidelines, but these dates can be pushed back due to weekends and federal holidays.

Our office is located in downtown Boonville on the square in the Judicial Center, across Main Street from the historic courthouse.  Physical address is One County Square, Suite 270, Boonville, IN, 47601.  Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

When making a tax payment, make checks payable to Warrick County Treasurer.

Please include a Tax Bill Payment stub along with your payment.  In the memo line of your check, please include either your Tax Bill Duplicate Number, property address, or your parcel number.  

The Treasurer’s Office sends out one bill in the spring of each year.  This statement has two payment stubs, one for May and one for November.  If your property becomes eligible for Tax Sale, you will be sent a courtesy letter.

In the state of Indiana, we pay taxes in arears, or we pay the previous assessed year’s taxes (example, in 2019, you are paying taxes assessed in 2018).  If you purchase a property after the January 1st assessment date, then the previous deeded owner’s name will appear on your statement as of the year of the assessment.  You should expect their name to come off the statement in the next billing cycle.

We have all become accustomed to the level of services provided by our local community.  Schools, police and fire protection, libraries, and paved roads are only a few of the amenities property taxes make possible.  Without property taxes, we could not support any of the above.

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