Illicit Discharge

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On July 26, 2006 the Warrick County Commissioners created the Department of Storm Water Management to oversee all Storm Water projects within Warrick County via Ordinance 2006-12. At the same time the Commissioners created an ordinance to regulate illicit discharge and connection into the county’s storm water system via Ordinance 2006-13.


Illicit discharges can generally be found in the form of spills, illegal connections (sanitary cross-connections), illegal dumping, or excessive soil and sediment. Other examples of prohibited discharges are listed below. Illicit discharges can contaminate water supplies, disrupt recreational activities on our rivers and lakes, and harm the environment and aquatic species. It’s important to find illicit discharges and eliminate them in order to protect our natural resources and preserve them for future generations.

Illicit discharges are illegal, and, if not corrected, can be enforced through various means, such as notices of violations, fines, and corrective measures. Keep in mind that illicit connections may be unintentional or unknown to the business owner or home owner who is causing the illicit discharge.



RESIDENTIAL: Failing septic systems, swimming pool discharges, vehicle maintenance spills or leaks, yard waste dumping, lawn or landscape watering, dumpster areas, odors, colored or murky water, surface floatables, stains or deposits,soapy or sudsy discharge.

COMMERCIAL: Grease traps, vehicle maintenance/repair/fueling/washing, dumpster areas, oil and grease containers,hazardous waste spills, odors, colored or murky water, excessive algae blooms or dead vegetation, stains or deposits, surface sheen, fish kills.

CONSTRUCTION SITES: Sediment from outlet pipes, sediment on roadways, vehicle fueling areas, equipment staging and storage areas.


If you think you have discovered an illicit discharge, contact this office at the information above.

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