Old Courthouse – Second floor / Main level

107 Locust Street, Suite 204 Boonville, IN 47601

Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

For complaints or concerns, please email [email protected] .

  • conducts investigations of environmental complaints and enforces public health and environmental laws.
  • performs site evaluations and consultations for on-site sewage disposal and other sanitary features.
  • issues septic permits for County
  • oversees all improvements or repairs to septic systems
  • inspects sanitation of public facilities including schools, swimming pools, etc.
  • test water supplies private and public
  • reviews plans for new and remodeled facilities concerning septic
  • provides education to the public regarding health and sanitation, promotes improvements in private and public sanitary facilities
  • responds to environmental and sanitation problems created by natural and man-made disasters
  • responds to trash and housing complaints

Click here for Steps in Obtaining a Septic Permit

Public and Semi-Public Swimming Pools

A water sample is required each week the pool is open for use. Sampling must begin at least one week prior to the opening of a swimming pool or spa. The owner of a pool shall arrange for the collection and bacteriological examination of at least one (1) sample of pool water per week whenever the pool is open for use.  Pool water examinations must be performed by a state-approved laboratory in accordance with the procedures outlined in the latest edition of Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater (APHA).  All pool owners shall be responsible to submit the water sample reports to Warrick County Health Department (WCHD) weekly. Failure to submit any weekly pool water sample during the time such pool is open for use shall cause such missed sample to be declared unsatisfactory for the appropriate week.

Any two (2) consecutive pool water samples or three (3) pool water samples collected in a six (6) week period from the same pool which contain more than two hundred (200) bacteria colonies per milliliter as determined by the heterotrophic thirty-five (35) degree Centigrade plate count or test positive for coliform organisms using the tests shall cause such pool to be closed by WCHD.

Whenever a pool is closed by WCHD due to an unsatisfactory pool water sample report, an additional sample shall be submitted to a state approved laboratory to be analyzed.  In the event of a closure for more than fourteen (14) consecutive days, for any reason, a water sample shall be submitted to a state approved laboratory to be analyzed.  A copy of the water sample report shall be submitted to the WCHD. The pool may be reopened upon receipt of a satisfactory report by WCHD.

Operating records shall be logged daily, kept for a minimum of one (1) year, and be available upon request by WCHD.

All pools shall have available onsite an injury/incident report form prescribed by the Indiana State Department of Health. Form shall be completed for each occurrence that results in death, requires resuscitation, requires transportation to a medical facility for treatment or results in an illness believed to be connected to the water quality of the pool. Such form shall be furnished to WCHD and to the Indiana State Department of Health within ten (10) days of the incident.

Preventing recreational water illnesses (RWIs) is a multifaceted issue requiring participation from pool staff, swimmers, and health departments. Poor maintenance can result in low disinfectant levels, which can allow the spread of a variety of germs. Although pool staff alone cannot completely stop these complex problems, they play a key role in assuring the health of pool visitors.  Aquatic managers can lead the way by obtaining authority-recommended operator and chemical handling training.

Public and Semi-Public Swimming Pools Rule 410 IAC 6-2.1 is available to review or download from the Indiana State Department of Health website. Click Here

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