Filing for Deductions in Property Tax:

There are no fees when filing for a deduction.  There are eligibility requirements, forms to complete, and some restrictions may apply.  More information is available at our office and at this link.

  • When filing a Mortgage deduction please bring the name of your mortgage company, the address of your mortgage company, and the amount of your mortgage.
  • When filing for an Over 65 deduction you will need to bring proof of age (applicant is at least 65 on or before December 31 of the year preceding the year in which the deduction is claimed), and proof of income. Combined adjusted gross income in year preceding year in which application is signed does not exceed $25,000.00, and assessed value of property does not exceed $182,430.00.
  • When filing for a Veteran with Service-Connected Disability, applicant must first provide documentation to the Veteran’s Affairs Office located in the Warrick County Courthouse.

The most common property tax deductions that may be filed are as follows:

  1. Mortgage
  2. Homestead Standard Deduction
  3. Supplemental Homestead Deduction
  4. Over 65/Over 65 Circuit Breaker Credit
  5. Blind or Disabled Person
  6. Veteran with Service-Connected Disability
  7. Solar Energy Heating or Cooling Systems

Please click on the following link for the deduction forms and more information on the available property tax deductions.

Filing a Sales Disclosure/ Transfer Fee

  • There is no charge for filing an exempt sales disclosure (if conditions 13-15 on the sales disclosure form apply, filers are subject to disclosure, but no disclosure filing fee), and the disclosure requires two (2) signatures (one buyer and one seller).
  • There is a ten dollar ($10.00) charge for each parcel on a deed transfer.
  • The charge for filing a non-exempt sales disclosure is ten dollars ($10.00) for the disclosure, ten dollars ($10.00) for the deed transfer, and requires two signatures (one buyer and one seller).
  • There is no sales disclosure required to file utility or government easements.
  • Easements for consideration (sales disclosure required) and there is a ten dollar ($10.00) fee for the sales disclosure.
  • Any deed that is duly entered in our office requires a current address to mail taxes to.

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