We are located in the Old Warrick County Courthouse at 107 W. Locust Street in Boonville, Indiana, Room 208. If you wish to report storm water quality problems such as illegal dumping, illicit discharges, or construction site runoff, you may contact us at [email protected]. Also you may call us at 812-897-8632 or 812-897-6094. Our mailing address is:

Department of Storm Water Management
Courthouse, Room 208
107 W. Locust Street
Boonville, IN 47601

Everyone within the County uses or benefits from the maintenance and improvement of the storm water system. Properties in the County with impervious area must pay, even those that are tax exempt. The only exemptions from this are County owned streets and sidewalks. The rate and who is subject to the fee was established in Ordinance 2007-01.

The revenue generated by the Utility will be applied to; maintaining and improving existing storm sewer infastructure, preserving, protecting, and improving the water quality issue of storm water runoff in Warrick County, and continue developing and implementing the Storm Water Management Program required by the Federal Government in the Indiana Municipal Seperate Storm Sewer System (MS4) – NPDES Permitting Program 327 IAC 15-13; in Warrick County, Indiana.

The Storm Water Management Fee rate schedule will be based on the impervious area of the property or unit that is being billed. All residential units will be billed for a quantity of one unit. All other parcels will be billed based on the impervous surface on the property. The rate for non-residental properties is determined by calculating the impervious surface area on the property and dividing that number by the average impervious surface area for residential property in the County. The result of that calculation determs the quantity of units that parcel is billed.

An impervious surface is any surface that does not allow rainwater to soak into the ground; such as buildings, driveways, and sidewalks.

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