Advisory Board

The county emergency management advisory council consist of the following individuals or their designees.


  1. The president of the county executive or, if the county executive does not have a president, a member of the county executive appointed from the membership of the county executive.
  2. The president of the county fiscal body.
  3. The mayor of each city located in the county.
  4. An individual representing the legislative bodies of all towns located in the county.
  5. Representatives of private and public agencies or organizations that can assist emergency management considered appropriate by the county emergency management advisory council.
  6. One (1) commander of a local civil air patrol unit in the county or the commander’s designee.

Authority: IC 10-14-3-17

Board Members:

Verl White

Vice Chairman:
Steve Byers

Warrick County Commissioner:
Terry Phillippe

Warrick Central Dispatch:
Paul Kruse

City of Boonville:
Steve Byers

Warrick County Council:
Ted Metzger

Public Works:
Bobby Howard

Warrick Co. Fire Chiefs Assoc:
Steven Byers

Law Enforcement:
Bob Irvin

Civil Air Patrol:
Charles Gorman

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