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It’s too late to register for the May 8 primary, however you can text “Indiana” to 2VOTE (28683). You will receive a link to the Indianavoters.com website and be able to register to vote.

Election Results:
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Patty Perry – Warrick County Clerk
Cathy Oser – Administrative Staff Election Office


The Warrick County Election Office will be closed on the following dates:
New Year’s Day – January 1
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day   – January 15
President’s Day – February 19
Good Friday – March 25
Memorial Day – May 30
Independence Day – July 4
Labor Day – September 3
Veterans’ Day – November 12
Thanksgiving – November 22 & 23
Christmas – December 24 & 25
New Year’s Eve – December 31

Principals of Election/Registration Officials
Standards of Conduct for Election/Registration Officials
New Voting Machine Instructional Video
Detailed voter instructions for new Voting Machines
Spanish instructions for new Voting Machines (will need Adobe Reader to view)

Election Office News

To register to vote in Indiana and Warrick County the deadline is October 9, 2018 if you wish to vote in the November 6, 2018 General Election. If you register to vote after October 9,. 2018 at a license branch or anywhere else you will not be eligible to vote in the November 6, 2018 General Election. On the registration application you are required to provide your Indiana driver’s license number as issued by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. If you do not have an Indiana driver’s license, then you must provide the last four digits of your social security number. The application cannot be processed with out either your driver’s license number or the last 4 digits of your social security number. This became a law as of January 1, 2003. This information is box 12 on the registration application.

You must provide government-issued photo ID before casting a ballot. The ID must fit the following criteria: Your ID displays your photo.

1.Your name on the ID must conform to your name on you voter registration record.
2.Your ID must contain an expiration date, and either still be current or have expired sometime after Nov 8, 2016
3.Your ID must be issued by the State of Indiana or the U.S. government.


  • In most cases, an Indiana driver’s license, Indiana photo ID card, Military ID, or US passport is sufficient.
  • If you are registered to vote and reside in a state-licensed facility where your polling place is located, you are exempt from this ID requirement.
  • If you do not already have a valid photo ID, you can obtain an Indiana photo card free of charge from your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles license branch. For more information, please contact the BMV at (317) 233-6000 or visit their website http://www.bmv.in.gov.
  • Absentee Voting begins in the Election Office October 10, 2018 and will end on November 5, 2018 at NOON. Also the Election Office will be open the two Saturdays before the November 6. 2018 Election from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. for absentee voting in the Election Office. If you have any questions or would like to request an absentee application by mail or travel board please call 812-897-6161.
  • We will post a complete list of precincts and voting places as soon as we receive notice.


To find forms and other information about elections the Indiana Election Website address is http://www.state.in.us/sos/elections. Important dates for Voter Registration 2018

October 9,2018    Last day to register to vote or change your address

October 10, 2018   Absentee Voting begins in Election Office

October 16, 2018   Precinct Election Workers names, addresses, and phone numbers are due in the Election Office. (I.C. 3-6-6-10) We need the names as soon as possible. We need to notify the poll workers of the training classes. You do not have to wait until this date turn your names in to the Election Office

October 16, 2018 First day for the Election Office to start filling Election Boards when the Precinct Committeeman fails to do so. On this day the Election Office will start making calls to find people to work at the Polls on Election Day. Any help you can give us at this point will be appreciated. If you think of someone who might work on Election Day, please call the Election Office at 897-6161.

October 19, 2018  Candidates: CFA-4 forms are due in the Election Office by Noon

October 18, 2018  First day for travel board to visit 1) confined voters, 2) voters caring for a confined person at a private residence, or 3) a voter with disabilities whose precinct is not accessible to voters with disabilities to assist with voting.

October 27, 2018  Office open from 8 a.m.  – 3 p.m. for voting.

October 29, 2018  Last day to mail ballots.

November 3, 2018  Office open for voting 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.

November 5,  2018   Absentee Voting in the Election Office ends at Noon

November 6, 2018   Election Day Voting Polls Are open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Register to vote online at http://www.indianavoters.com.

At www.indianavoters.com you can register to vote, change your address or change your name. You can also find out where you go to vote, who is on your ballot and who your elected officials are. There will be more useful tools coming in the future, so check back from time to time.

Requirements to register to vote
Downloadable form to register to vote.
NEW HOURS FOR ABSENTEE VOTING IN ELECTION OFFICE. Ballot Offices, Election Calendar, Early Voting Hours. (requires Adobe Reader to view)
State of Indiana Campaign Finance Reporting Schedule
Polling Locations House and Senate Districts
County Council Districts and Council members
Commissioner Districts
Warrick County Officials List. (elected and appointed)
POLL RESULTS (unofficial until noon on the Monday following the Election)
Poll Worker Training Dates and Locations
Polling Sites

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